Let the AI do it for you

With automated document classification & data capture, the AI engine only needs user corrections to adapt and perfect itself.

API Call
You can extract data from any invoice with just a single API call. Line items can also be extracted with ease using Artificial Intelligence.
Automated E-mails
We read the emails of an inbox of your choice to automatically extract the invoice data, which can again be sent to any email address.
Web Scan
You can even use a mobile device to upload your picture of the invoice to the website, which we will extract & send the data through the API or to any email address you want.
Windows App
Have no IT experience? No worries. Use our windows executable to automate everything. Reads from any folder Extract and put it back!
Reduce cost
Spend less on processing documents by using a singular service.
Improve speed
All documents are processed automatically and within seconds.
Reduce errors
Prevent manual data entry errors with precise data extraction.
Prevent fraud
The AI automatically detects errors, duplicates, and fraud attempts.

How does it work?

First, you send your documents to our Endpoint using Web, E-mail, REST-API, or our Windows application, and you leave the rest to us

ExtractInvoice AI converts your files into text, then identifies important data fields and converts your documents to structured data which you can receive in the form of e-mail or through an API.

Personalize your AI

We know every business has its own needs so we created an AI which can be taught your own style of documents which reduces errors marginally.

The AI also has built in features such as document classification and data capture from day one.

Only pay for what you use

We provide a range of price plans for every business, no matter what industry you’re in.


€ 0.15/Page

  • 500 Credit
  • 1 Free support ticket
  • 75 Euros/month


€ 0.13/Page

  • 5.000 Credit
  • 10 Free support ticket
  • 650 Euros/month


€ 0.10/Page

  • 10.000 Credit
  • Unlimited Free support ticket
  • 1000 Euros/month

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